FantasyMaps is a digital mapping project about fantasy worlds created and developed by OpenHistoryMap that uses technologies created for Digital Humanities. Its main objective is the creation of maps of fantasy worlds and tools to manage the data connected to these fantasy worlds. In addition to these fantasy worlds we are also creating the tools to integrate with VTTs (like FoundryVTT) and, in the future, tools like Unity.

Why would we do that?

First of all, why not?

GIS technologies have grown a lot and made cartographic visualizations way easier every day. For this reason we are trying to develop and define a system enabling you all to use these technologies to use and live the maps of the fantasy worlds you spend so much time in, in the best possible way.

But the main reason is that our vision goes beyond that. We want the maps to be the canvas for a shared experience of the world. Basically a slow paced and interactive story-driven MMRPG where the players have real impact on their version of the world.

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Recent Conferences

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FOSS4G 2021 - Online

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